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Laura Alexander

I strongly believe there is a core collective wound in the world today and a desire for deep healing. My images are a visual expression of the love I would like to share with the world. It is my hope and desire that through my art, we realize we are all interconnected.


Michael Armstrong

I love to work outdoors and the Central Coast offers endless possibilities. Painting on location “en plein air” enlivens all the senses and allows the artist to experience a moment in nature on a deeper level. I especially enjoy painting coastal scenes when the Pacific is in full surge choreographing its ever changing dance between sea and shore, ancient Cypresses standing guard. In those moments time stands still, hours pass unnoticed and a sense of reverence and well being takes hold. In my work I try to bring a bit of that wonder and soothing effect that nature offers to our indoor spaces and connect the viewer with what was special about a particular place and time.

Ann Artz

I feel most alive and free when I paint. I communicate visually, through use of color, line, shape, contrast, design, what I can’t express in words. It is a language that gives rise to deeply personal and yet shared human emotion.

Ernie Baber

The miracle of nature’s beauty gives fulfillment to our souls.

Elizabeth Barlow

As a contemporary still life artist, my work is infused with a life-long love of portraiture. I use the symbolism of objects — organic or man-made — to explore the poetry of our lives and world. By focusing on objects and our relationship to them, I present a fresh vantage point from which to consider identity, place, time and memory. A beloved personal object —or flower — retains the essence of the person who chose it, and I believe that these items have the power to contain, as well as reveal, the very shape of our lives.

Kimm Barnes

Kimm Barnes portrays the lighter side of the world in a whimsical style. But there are darker images that cover a broad range of subjects.“Searching my world -often waist deep in sentimentality-at times digging through despair” describes his themes. Kimm Barnes is a long time resident of the Monterey Peninsula.

Paola Berthoin

My art is about love of the land and rivers.We live in a more-than-human world. My art encompasses a dedication to protecting what I can, through active caring for the land and through expressing my imagination through creative endeavors. In sharing a commitment for healthy watersheds, it helps foster a cultural shift where the natural world becomes integral to people’s lives.

Maria Boisvert

Art has been a passion of mine from an early age. From the landscape to the people I have met along the way I continue to be inspired by the beauty that surrounds me.

Teresa Brown

Teresa’s watercolors are unique and dramatic expressions of nature ranging from landscapes to distinctive floral interpretations to photo realism.  She explains, “I like experiencing the perfect accidents that watercolors so often present.  Giving in to the medium leads to an exploration that often results in exciting outcomes.”

Annemarie Cassidy

A long time career in the field of entertainment, Annemarie Cassidy has been expressing herself the last 30 years as a makeup artist/stylist, creating and building characters for various actors and entertainers in the mediums of Television, video, film photography and stage, all the while painting when time allowed. Now retired, she is discovering her self expression through painting with oils using primarily a Dutch palette.

Barbara Codd

Being an abstract artist allows me the freedom to communicate feelings and emotions unconstrained by forms found in objective reality…through paint. I want the viewer to be drawn into the paintings enabling them to evoke their own emotions from what they see. Through a vibrant and vivid palette I connect with human feelings and my own.

Edward M. Corpus

Edward M. Corpus is a cultural subversive artist and writer. His aim is to participate in a cultural revolution to subvert the paradigm of inequality. His images range from grotesque to ridiculous, horrendous, fantastical or beautiful – visual metaphors of trauma and transcendence.

Thom Cowen

I create abstract landscapes that are mysterious and sensory, allowing the viewer to be part of the field of perception. The process is very tactile and open to the influence of weather, the felt sense of coast, cloud forms and ephemeral light interacting with the spontaneity of the paint. I am especially interested in the edge where one ceases to identify the image as a landscape and the known shifts into the unknown.

Charlie Craddock

Charlie Craddock is a painter, musician, amateur astronomer and homesteader who lives in Carmel Valley, CA. He works in his home studio during the day and stargazes at night. The MIRA Telescope sits at a 5000 foot elevation on the mountain he sees from his front door. Visiting his studio guests can share
his vision, rooted in nature and informed by science.

Kati D’Amore

I paint in oil and pastel anything that catches my eye. I only sell original art and try to price it in a way that is affordable. As a signature member of the Monterey Plein Air Painters Association, I enjoy painting outside “en Plein Air”. I hope you have time to visit my studio.

Cyndy Davis

I have had a passion for art since I was 13 years old. I am a retired public school art teacher. My joy is painting and experimenting to tell my stories, but my constant is a pen or brush in one hand and a passport in the other.

Sheila Delimont

Sheila Delimont is known for her luminous paintings of her native California and the West. Prior to becoming a professional artist, Sheila had a distinguished career as a city and county planner, winning awards for her work on open space and resource conservation issues. Her love and respect for nature are now being translated into her paintings. Sheila has a studio in Monterey and paints with pastels and oils.

Alan Estrada

Estrada’s artwork has been collected in Japan, England, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and America. His foremost work is abstract expressionism using mixed media. He is an award-winning political cartoonist and illustrator who has been honored at Buckingham Palace.



Mark Farina

 Mark Farina has a background in commercial art and illustration. Inspired by the spectacular Central California coast he took up plein air painting about thirty years ago, eventually transitioning into a full time oil & watercolor painter. His subject matter is varied including land/seascapes, architectural, still life and figurative.

Judy Gittelsohn

 Judy Gittelsohn has been painting in Northern California since 1977 and loving it. Her paintings are spirited and symbolic interpretations of a subject. Her forms flow creating interesting waves, shapes and poems. Judy is a Golden Paints Certified Working Artist and teaches about the properties and applications of the outstanding Golden products.

Elaine Goldstone

I began watercolor painting as a regular practice about 4 years ago and began my botanical studies through the program at Filoli Gardens and Estate in 2016. I continue to study watercolor through workshops and classes for both Plein air, in-studio and the amazing world of botanicals. Both sides of my work require different skill sets for working with watercolor. Botanicals require creativity of the arts and the detail of science to accurately portray a subject. 

I feel as an artist not only captivated by natural wonders, but also a sense of duty to help people connect with plants, animals and the natural world by exposing them to plant education and scenes that connect with them.

Sandra Gray

I am an artist.  The challenge of composing and capturing moments with my digital camera has ignited a passion for photography with my first love of painting.  My motto is, “I specialize in NOT specializing.”

Yolanda Gurries

Yolanda selects colors carefully so that they work in harmony; she finds color to be one of the most exciting and challenging aspects of painting. Her desire is to delight viewers by expressing in her art the grandeur of God’s creation.

Kevin Hart

My artwork is based on daily observations that quietly grab my attention. All these little visual diaries add to my palette and subject matter. I combine my waking existence with my dreams. My work serves as a bridge between my conscience and sub-conscience, where there is room for freedom and non-judgement; unchartered territory to explore in painting.

Sibyl Johnson

I paint landscapes en plein air and animals from photos in my studio. I am a fourth generation Californian and have lived my whole life here. If I could live another 100 years it would not be enough to paint the love I feel for this coast and for the animals I have known.

Cheryl Kampe

Cheryl is a local artist living and working in the Monterey Peninsula. She is known for her landscapes in oil and watercolor. Inspired by the surrounding beauty, she creates work that is familiar but also includes abstract qualities.

Laurie Kersey

Laurie Kersey’s work includes oil paintings of the dramatic coastal landscape of the Monterey Peninsula – sandy beaches and rocky coastlines to rolling farmland and golden hills dotted with oaks. Works also include florals and figurative studies.

Emy Ledbetter

World Renowned Visionary Artist, Emy Ledbetter, brings to life ancestral vision through her acrylic paintings on canvas. Exploring her art is a
journey for the soul. Emy invites the viewer to enter into their own personal experience of the different realms of Angels, Gods & Goddesses,
Shamanism, Far Eastern and Nature itself.



Sage Lee

My current work is a record of my response to the world. But more than that, it’s also an attempt to communicate something larger and deeper, something outside myself, a knowing that occurs in waking life infrequently, but shows up in our dreams. I am currently working with painting onto existing photographs, the result of which is something in the uncanny valley between photography and painting.

Barry Marshall

Barry Marshall chooses to work in a style similar to early California plein air painters with a mixture of strong brush work and glazes to capture the contrasting luminescence of the sky and the energy of the sea.

Edi Matsumoto

People’s faces and figures fascinate me. My current theme is to depict the inner strength and beauty of female figures to support and celebrate ordinary women who do great things in the world.

Gordon Mayfield

Gordon Mayfield paints in watercolor, the wild tumult of Big Sur, mountainous back country, lakes and rivers of the West.
Mayfield’s wilderness experience and knowledge form the underpinning of much of his work—his hikes and backpacking treks, as well as his years living on the cliffs of Big Sur.

Elizabeth Murray

I am a gardener, artist and author, who helped restore Monet’s gardens in France. I have returned for 35 years to capture the beauty with watercolor, oils and photography. I also love painting at the edge of the sea.

Daphne Wynne Nixon

I like to share with others the beauty around us through my paintings. Lately, I’ve been painting on a lavender farm. “If I can see it, then I can paint it” is a motto I say to encourage myself to really “see” difficult subjects that I paint to always know that all the information I need to paint a subject is obtained by truly observing, and then expressing what I see through the language of paint.

Peggy Olsen

Peggy Olsen is an oil painter with California landscapes her specialty. She sees landscape as a means of expressing new ways of seeing color that are exciting to the eye. She has been a member of Carmel Art Association since 1986.

Marsha Phillips

I am a lifelong learner, finally returning to my childhood love of art and color! I enjoy drawing with charcoal and with pen and ink. I paint with acrylic and watercolor. I am also continuing to explore printmaking and book arts.

Maria Poroy

People call me an Abstract Expressionist. I like to create art that will complement your personal style, and add the touch that makes your space welcoming and comfortable to you. Color is my language and I am drawn to subjects that resonate with me whether it is a barn or a flower.

Alana Puryear

I paint abstract images with layers of color and symbols in an effort to find a place of peace amid chaos. My painting signifies life as I know it, uncertainty alongside hope, imperfections amid nature’s beauty, structure alongside serendipity. They are visual meditations.

Sandy Robinson

Robinson’s work has been represented by fine art galleries and has been exhibited in juried group shows throughout the United States, Japan and the Philippines. She has received numerous First Place Awards, not only for her seascapes but other genre as well. Sandy taught oil painting in the United States and the Far East.

Deborah Russell

Drawing, painting and sewing have engaged me since childhood. A 30 year career in commercial design and illustration ingrained in me both technical and creative approaches that are still part of my toolbox of techniques today. I’m a process painter using layers of intense color, working in watercolor and abstract acrylic collage.

Robin Sawyer

All my work begins with a felt connection to nature, people, color.  This is a visual impression that I feel compelled to explore, to find what it is that is calling to me.  I paint rather eccentric figures as well as impressionistic landscapes, hoping to relate them to one another.

Zoya Scholis

Scholis is primarily a process painter. Many of her paintings feature abstracted forms from nature–figures, birds, leaves, petals, fruit and landscape.  For Scholis, art making is an exploration of psyche and an experiment with the Divine. Among her influences are painters Joan Savo, Meredith Purdue and Paul Klee.

Al Shamble

Al Shamble is a Plein Air and Studio painter of California landscapes and seascapes. Painting Plein Air on location he captures the Light and Majesty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and of the Great Pacific Ocean. As an environmentalist, he hopes that his Plein Air and studio pieces convey the need to recognize and preserve our beautiful natural resources.

Gloria Shaw

If an artist could reach inside you and pull out your sensations and feelings and express them in colors, tones and shapes, what would they look like? That has been my goal, to affect my viewers on as many levels as possible — emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. I know viewers bring something of themselves to their experience of looking at a painting, and as their experiences change, so, too, will their interaction with the painting, causing the picture to continue to live and grow.



Meredith Stricker

I’m interested in re-imagining natural phenomena of our coastal region. Using mixed media, found objects, paint, words and myth, I align with the communal role of art and poetics to give voice and place to the displaced, the endangered and the wild beauty of this world we inhabit.

Kate Warthen

I am primarily a plein air painter, working in oils or watercolor, in an impressionistic style. Whether an interior or a landscape, I prefer to paint on site because I get a more complete impression when time of day or seasonal aspects are apparent. My goal is to become a better storyteller and always grow as a painter.

Karen Warwick

Karen Warwick works in a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, printing and collage.

Christine Watten

Cindy Wilbur

Cindy is most known for her “Painterly” or Impressionistic style of painting, favoring serene or pictorial landscapes. She usually gets her inspiration from painting outdoors; “This is where all my senses become a part of my painting, not just sight, but touch and sound. Cindy prefers to suggest rather than a detailed rendering, thus leaving the details to the viewer. Many of these outdoor paintings will be one of her references for a larger studio painting.

Judy Willis

My passion is painting the Monterey area plein air.I want to convey a feeling of the beauty through soft tranquil colors in an impressionistic style. I am currently a member of the Reflections Elegante Gallery in Willow Glen, San Jose.

Elizabeth Wrigthman

I spend time daily in the woods and fields of Monterey County… in ecstasy near the rivers, ponds and wetlands. At night two owls call back and forth in the adjoining canyon.  The cognizance of ordinary sparrows in beautiful,  tall, dry weeds, regarding me and one another… The crows who bark at me, mimicking the sound of my broom strokes, sweeping the deck.  This is why I paint.

Gerardo Zambrano

I am a self-taught Artist with a natural talent for drawing. I only started painting in April of 2017. I am an astute fan of the Old Masters’ figurative works. I wish to push my skills every day to a higher level and stand on their shoulders.

Mary E. Bartels

I am a Jewelry and Metal Arts Artist working in mostly natural stones, sterling silver, copper, brass, and gold. I find you are never too skilled to learn something new. I develop inspiration for my designs from the natural materials that come from all over the world, and part of the enjoyment and creative process is collecting the stones themselves.


Trudi Burney

I’m the impatient potter. My impatience stems from the strong desire to create. I’ve tried various art mediums but landed firmly on the love of clay because surprise…it has taught me to slow down.

Lilly Campos

As a Glass Artist, I strive for each piece I create to be unique and complete in and of itself. My artwork is a way to express my love of this beautiful area I live in, the Monterey Bay. I use a collage of dynamic colors and shapes cut from iridescent, transparent, and opaque glass, with a variety of techniques in order to create 3D effects in glass.

Jill Casty

For over a decade in Italy, Mexico and California, and now solely in California, I have been exploring the wonders of the art of fused glass. In my current sculptures— unique ensembles of colorful fused glass and various metals— I use glass fusion as a painter uses a brush to create textures, impressionistic images, folk motifs, and rhythmic fields and shapes of vibrant color. As Henri Matisse said, I want “to make my colors sing.”

I believe that in our world of chaos and turmoil, there is still a place for an art of beauty that expresses a celebration of life—affirms the possibilities of a continuing harmony, threatened as it is, in living with the natural world.

Alexan Cerna

Growing up in a creative home, I fell in love with the arts at a young age. By my teens I knew I wanted a career in jewelry design. After learning the basics of jewelry repair, I applied for a 5-year apprenticeship with a master jeweler in Carmel, CA. After graduation, I opened my own business selling my designs from coast to coast in small boutiques.

John Chappell

My artworks are conceived of the natural world…an exploration of the beautiful, mysterious and sometimes quirky elements found either buried in time, or simply exposed. Stone, steel, cement and clay are the mediums by which I express my curiosity. I will be featuring a cross-section of all my work including photographs, sculpture, jewelry, water fountains and more.

Annette Corcoran

Clay has been my passion for the last 46 years, it took the form of teapots and birds. Now, I want to experiment and wonder what comes next.

Barbara Lee Furbush

A printmaker by training, prone to flights of installation and participatory art ’While my prints invite engagement with the protean dance between sky and water, often my works encourage participation by setting up materials and instructions as artworks to be played out by the observers. These works often seem child-like but create moments of deep self-reflection. The themes of the works explore the truths we have learned, the way we hear things, our feelings about intense topics, and how we see ourselves.

Megan Gnekow

My focus  as an artist is to honor the beauty and wildness of our world. As a scientific illustrator, my job is to make work that is both accurate and compelling. I strive to tell a story in a way that draws you in and piques your curiosity. I want to show you the details on the underside of a butterfly wing and to teach you that the raucous bird high in a pine is responsible for the survival of that tree by planting its seeds. My duty is to celebrate these connections and honor the role they play in sustaining the ecosystems where we live. And I hope to remind you can find wildness whenever you need it, wherever you look.

Babs duPont Hanneman

Throughout my adult life, no matter in what capacity, I have been able to match people; with each other or with solutions. It seems that I have added another dimension by matching objects and environments.



Craig Lauterbach

Ingenuity, vision, patience and 50 years of experience in woodworking, combine to create out of the ordinary works of art.

Nick Leonoff

The luminescent qualities of glass appeal to me as it responds to light.  I am drawn to the potential of a material that can vary from a translucent to an opaque medium in a brilliant range of colors and gradations.


Tim Mallery

Each guitar and ukulele is 100% hand crafted from original slabs of exotic tone woods. No kits, no mass production. They are one of a kind high quality instruments that produce great sound.

Vanessa Martin

Asian inspired jewelry designs in gold, sterling, fresh water pearls and various gemstones.

Alan Masaoka

My work is very contemporary with modern, architectural glass forms. My leaded work combines cast glass bevels, hand-blown art glass and lead. I use lead not only structurally, but also decoratively in order to enhance the design. The lead moves throughout the window, giving it a bold look and transcending traditional stained glass.

Andrea McCann

My hobby farm inhabitants (including emus, miniature donkeys, peacocks and alpacas), as well as nature, inspire my work. I work in several mediums: relief woodblock printmaking, watercolor, jewelry, photography, among others.

Peggy Milovina Meyer

With my work I strive to build a relationship with my subject and my goal is to bring the viewer into my world and experience the unique beauty, personality and soul of my subjects. I work with colored pencil, graphite, pastels and ink allowing me to marry detail typical of scientific illustration with intimacy, leaving the viewer feeling they somehow know and understand the subject. I am a realist but the subject’s personality drives my drawings.

Carl Muia

Carl is a degreed Mechanical Engineer with 40 years experience in engineering and business.  He retired in 1998 and built custom cars until 2016 when he realized  that his tools were just what he needed for sheet metal sculptures.


Ann Nall

I buy old, worn out utilitarian glass from resale shops.  I add colorful paper and combine the joy of childhood play with my knowledge of composition, balance and color. Decoupage is an old art, and with it, I breathe life into the glass. I give it beauty.  


Dianna Shea O’Briant

Dianna Shea O’Briant holds a BFA in Illustration/Surface Design from the Memphis College of Art and creates art with themes of nature and feminism. Her mediums include watercolor, ink, photography, digital painting, silk painting, and embroidery to create whimsical, subtly erotic, and ethereal paintings, drawings and embroideries.

Polly Osborne

I am an architect turned artist with a studio in Carmel Valley. Currently I am focused on making ceramic globes and sculptures playing on interfaces of man and nature. These are mainly in bronze and ceramics.

Noro Partido

Printmaker Noro Partido received her art education through Monterey Peninsula College (MPC) and local private studio workshops. She holds Artist Memberships with the Carmel Art Association and the California Society of Printmakers. She is also a charter member of the MPC Printmakers.

Ron Rice

Jewelry/Digital Artist 2021
Colors, forms, shapes, lines transform my art into something new, dynamic and thought-provoking, using unconventional designs or unorthodox new digital’s techniques. It is my vision to reach one’s mind with wonderment, to capture one’s heart with beauty and truth, and to touch one’s soul with profound emotion. They resonate both emotionally and psychologically with me, as I hope they will for all who experience them.

Vivienne Riggio

Making or creating art is a time to turn my active mind to low, to allow my passive mind to open with no borders or barriers. It  matters not who may like the piece or who may not. I know I always will. It’s not an effort to let go, let it go, let it flow. The joy will come with what is.

Stefanna Murphy-Robins

Stefanna Murphy-Robins creates her mosaic sculptures to enhance people’s lives through her creativity and expression. She strives to use as many discarded objects as possible and to remake them into something useful and artful. Her goal is to create art every day.

Mark Schlegel

My artwork uses redwood driftwood, ripplewood boards and beach stone to create unique sculptures and furniture. Ripplewood is a type of grain found in very few redwood trees. My work is a culmination of decades of collecting rare pieces of redwood. 

Nancy Sevier

In my recent body of work, I’ve taken parts from broken musical instruments and repurposed them in order to find a story that’s whimsical or serious or perhaps simply a new way of seeing.

Gloria Shaw

If an artist could reach inside you and pull out your sensations and feelings and express them in colors, tones and shapes, what would they look like? That has been my goal, to affect my viewers on as many levels as possible — emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. I know viewers bring something of themselves to their experience of looking at a painting, and as their experiences change, so, too, will their interaction with the painting, causing the picture to continue to live and grow.

Nina Temple

I am captivated by biomorphic shapes. My approach to form is done in a non-objective intuitive manner. My shapes are a direct reflection of my interests in life. The creative process is deeply personal. It is an expression of my life’s journey, my beliefs and the depths of who I am.

Laurie Tholen

I create Recycled Copper Art Jewelry.

I fabricate, form, etch and enamel recycled copper.

I get much of my inspiration from nature.

William Corcoran

Great fun–with an iPhone.

Ed Dickie

Fine art photographic archival prints of the Monterey Bay area and beyond. Imagery sourced from both film and digital cameras.

The real magic is not the photograph. It’s the joy and wonder in the timeless experience of observing nature and objects around us in a way that imprints a deeper understanding of who we are and what is our place, in our soul.

Cat Harper

Cat Harper is a nature and travel photographer based in Salinas, California. As a native Californian she is always searching for new views of this beautiful state to share through her work.

Mary Hill

Mary Hill’s photography is about the silence in details and quiet places and the appreciation of the world around her. Recently, she began drawing again. Her works are in the collections of the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, the Monterey Museum of Art, Triton Museum in Santa Clara and the Crocker Museum in Sacramento.



Tim Dale Hill

Tim Dale Hill’s mediums include drawing, painting, sculpting, and designing and planting landscapes through his company, Hill and Dale Landscapes. Photography is his preferred medium to discover and express the details and moods of the wild, natural world. He hopes his artwork will inspire others to spend more time appreciating and protecting our natural surroundings.

Craig Lovell

Craig Lovell launched Eagle Visions Photography upon his graduation from Brooks Institute of Photography in 1980. His artistic sensitivity, observation of light and technical expertise combined with his passion for travel create stunning images from around the world.

Robert Nielsen

Robert Nielsen is a Carmel Valley photographer, poet, and writer. Born in Australia, he has lived, studied, worked, and traveled in a number of countries. His art is narrative or representative in nature, and reflects his perceptions, feelings, stories, and worldwide experiences.

Bilal Salim

In his freshman year of high school, Bilal snuck his father’s entry level DSLR and began teaching himself the fundamentals of the camera and photography as a whole. For the past year, he has begun to do freelance work as a portrait photographer. His main mediums are nighttime long exposures and candid portraits. 

Vicki Sarris

Growing up in the Adirondacks near Lake George, Vicki has been looking close at nature since she was a young girl.  Now a biologist, author and photographer, she has been exploring and sharing the California coast for two decades.  “Maybe my work will cause a curious eye to take a closer look, and feel a wonder for the natural world.”

Steve Zmak

Steve Zmak captures the essence of California and the West through photography that speaks to the soul. He takes viewers on a journey through some of the most breathtaking scenes of the western wilderness and culture. From an intimidating stare from a mother grizzly to a sunrise breaking through centuries-old redwoods, his pictures invite viewers to revel in the moment and make it their own. Big sales and savings on fine art prints this Studio Tour Weekend only!

Artworks @Pacific Grove

The Arts Council for Monterey County operates 8,000 sq. ft. of space at the American Tin Cannery in Pacific Grove, providing affordable studios to local artists. These studios, ranging from 100 sq. ft. to 400 sq. ft., are available for visual arts use.
Artworks is similar to a “co-working” space, which encourages collaboration and community, and fills the need of studio space for Monterey County artists. The studios are open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays from 12noon to 4:00pm, and will be open during Tour hours (11 to 5) both weekends of the 2017 Monterey County Artists Open Studio Tour.

Carmel Art Association

To advance the knowledge of and interest in art, and to create a spirit of cooperation and fellowship between artists, and between artists and the public at large.

Central Coast Art Association

The Central Coast Art Association is a non profit founded in 1967 to promote interest in and appreciation of art on the Monterey Peninsula. Meetings featuring demos by accomplished artists are held in Monterey on the fourth Monday of the month. In addition to a number of exhibiting opportunities, juried shows of works by members are held twice a year. Membership is open to anyone interested in the arts. See website for membership information and more.

Hijos del Sol

Hijos del Sol Arts Productions (HDS) is a non-profit visual arts organization working with and advocating for the advancement of practitioners. HDS provides experimental studio space at no cost to all image and product creators while suporting them in their pursuit of higher education.

Monterey Peninsula Volunteer Services Benefit Shop

The mission of Monterey Peninsula Volunteer Services is to provide financial assistance to non-profit groups on the Monterey Peninsula by operating a non-profit benefit shop, run entirely by volunteers who donate their time, talent, and energy to help others.

Peninsula Potters

Peninsula Potters is a pottery cooperative in Pacific Grove with a complete working studio and gallery. Eight clay artists create original hand made functional, decorative, and sculptural art works in stoneware and porcelain.