Kimm Barnes

Kimm Barnes portrays the lighter side of the world in a whimsical style. But there are darker images that cover a broad range of subjects.

 “Searching my world – often waist deep in sentimentality – at times digging through despair” describes his themes.

Kimm Barnes is a long time resident of the Monterey Peninsula.

Elizabeth Wrightman

Bio coming soon!

Michael Armstrong

I love to work outdoors and the Central Coast offers endless possibilities. Painting on location “en plein air” enlivens all the senses and allows the artist to experience a moment in nature on a deeper level. I especially enjoy painting coastal scenes when the Pacific is in full surge choreographing its ever changing dance between sea and shore, ancient Cypresses standing guard. In those moments time stands still, hours pass unnoticed and a sense of reverence and well being takes hold. In my work I try to bring a bit of that wonder and soothing effect that nature offers to our indoor spaces and connect the viewer with what was special about a particular place and time.

Annemarie Cassidy

A long time career in the filed of entertainment, Annemarie Cassidy has been expressing herself the last 30 years as a makeup artist/stylist, creating and building characters for various actors and entertainers in the mediums of Television, video, film photography and stage, all the while painting when time allowed. Now retired, she is discovering her self expression through painting with oils using primarily a Dutch palette.

Jill Casty

For over a decade in Italy, Mexico and California, and now solely in California, I have been exploring the wonders of the art of fused glass. In my current sculptures— unique ensembles of colorful fused glass and various metals— I use glass fusion as a painter uses a brush to create textures, impressionistic images, folk motifs, and rhythmic fields and shapes of vibrant color. As Henri Matisse said, I want “to make my colors sing.”

I believe that in our world of chaos and turmoil, there is still a place for an art of beauty that expresses a celebration of life—affirms the possibilities of a continuing harmony, threatened as it is, in living with the natural world.

Stefanna Murphy-Robins

Stefanna Murphy-Robins creates her mosaic sculptures to enhance people’s lives through her creativity and expression. She strives to use as many discarded objects as possible and to remake them into something useful and artful.  Her goal is to create art every day.

John Chappell

My artworks are conceived of the natural world…an exploration of the beautiful, mysterious and sometimes quirky elements found either buried in time or simply exposed.

Stone, steel, cement and clay are the mediums by which I express my curiosity. 

I will be featuring a cross-section of all my work including photographs, sculpture, jewelry, water fountains and more.

Mark Schlegel

Steve Zmak

Steve Zmak captures the essence of California and the West through photography that speaks to the soul. He takes viewers on a journey through some of the most breathtaking scenes of the western wilderness and culture. From an intimidating stare from a mother grizzly to a sunrise breaking through centuries-old redwoods, his pictures invite viewers to revel in the moment and make it their own. Big sales and savings on fine art prints this Studio Tour Weekend only!

Ed Dickie

Fine art photographic archival prints of the Monterey Bay area and beyond. Imagery sourced from both film and digital cameras.

The real magic is not the photograph. It’s the joy and wonder in the timeless experience of observing nature and objects around us in a way that imprints a deeper understanding of who we are and what is our place, in our soul.

Cat Harper

Cat Harper is a nature and travel photographer based in Salinas, California. As a native Californian she is always searching for new views of this beautiful state to share through her work

Mary Hill

Mary Hill’s photography is about the silence in details and quiet places and the appreciation of the world around her. Recently, she began drawing again. Her works are in the collections of the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, the Monterey Museum of Art, Triton Museum in Santa Clara and the Crocker Museum in Sacramento.

Carmel Art Association

To advance the knowledge of and interest in art, and to create a spirit of cooperation and fellowship between artists, and between artists and the public at large.

Central Coast Art Association

The Central Coast Art Association is a non profit founded in 1967 to promote interest in and appreciation of art on the Monterey Peninsula. Meetings featuring demos by accomplished artists are held in Monterey on the fourth Monday of the month. In addition to a number of exhibiting opportunities, juried shows of works by members are held twice a year. Membership is open to anyone interested in the arts. See for membership information and more.