Arts Habitat is a grassroots organization that formed in 1996, as the former Fort Ord military base was closing, to advocate for the building of low cost, artist live/work housing and day use art studios. Through our advocacy, an arts district was woven into the design concept of the 1400 unit housing development of East Garrison, and approved in 2007 by the Monterey County Board of Supervisors. When the arts district in East Garrison is built, Arts Habitat will develop and deliver programming that benefits the artists at East Garrison, as well as the arts community of Monterey County.

The town of East Garrison.

When the town of East Garrison is built, Arts Habitat will take responsibility for the artist selection process at East Garrison, coordinate and deliver arts programming services to residential and work space users, and promote arts activities and events

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Artists Studio Tour

Arts Habitat presents the Monterey County Artists Studio Tour, an annual, self-guided tour of artist studios and exhibition spaces across the county. Come see art where it starts.

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Community Goals

Affordable Living

Provide affordable and ecologically responsible work and living space for visual, literary, and performing artists and arts organizations.

Bridging the Gap

Create a cultural bridge linking the communities of the Salinas Valley and the Monterey Coast.

Artistic Development

Facilitate synergy among artists and arts organizations from diverse disciplines to strengthen the development of all arts of the area.