East Garrison

By February 21, 2019 October 7th, 2020 Live/Work Housing

East Garrison


The East Garrison community includes adaptive reuse of a historic district on the former Ft. Ord military base in Monterey County, California. The pedestrian-friendly development will include 1400 homes, a town center and an arts district.

Home selling and building at East Garrison is going at a good pace. Model homes are available for tours. Hundreds of homes are completed and occupied. Sixty-five units of low and very low income housing were completed and occupied in September, 2013.

The final phase of the project includes building the town center and sixty-five units of affordable, live/work rentals for artists. Ultimately, eight historic mess halls and several warehouse buildings will be converted to approximately 55,000 square feet of day-use artist studios, suitable for artists in all disciplines.

Are you in need of low cost, artist live/work or studio space in Monterey County? If so, you can help get the Arts District at East Garrison built sooner, by writing your County Supervisor and letting them know this is an important concern of yours. Follow this link to find who your Supervisor is and how to contact them.

Feel free to contact us at staff@artshabitat.org or give us a call at (831) 624-6111.