East Garrison General Overview

The East Garrison project is an adaptive reuse of a historic district on the former Ft. Ord military base in Monterey County, California. The pedestrian-friendly development includes 1400 homes, a town center and an arts district. East Garrison is being developed by Union Community Partners.

Arts Habitat is a non-profit community organization dedicated to fostering affordable and ecologically responsible living and working spaces for artists. It was formed in 1991 in response to the base closure of Fort Ord. That event offered a unique opportunity to remedy the chronic problem hampering growth of the arts in the Central Coast region - lack of affordable space for creating and presenting the arts. Arts Habitat will take responsibility for the artist selection process at East Garrison, coordinate and deliver arts programming services to residential and workspace users, and promote arts activities and events there.

Work will soon resume at East Garrison after a hiatus in construction brought about by the national economic downturn. A new developer, Union Community Partners of San Jose, CA, has recently purchased the East Garrison project. They hope that the first of the 1400 affordable-by-design homes will be ready for purchase in late 2013. The arts district, which will be the location of the Arts Habitat and the low cost live/work rental spaces for artists, will be built after the two phases of construction of affordable-by-design houses have been built and sold. These will be sold at the prevailing market value. Income eligibility for the 65 live/work rental spaces will be established according to federal guidelines; the County of Monterey will review and approve applications at that level.  Arts Habitat and Artspace Projects, our nonprofit developer partner, will establish a community committee to select residents from the pool of eligible applicants.

Approximately 57,000 square feet of space in the Arts Habitat town center will be available for long-term lease for day-use studios, rehearsal and practice rooms and other arts-related uses. The buildings will be renovated to “warm-shell” standards so that users can complete the interiors to suit. The low cost live/work rentals and day studios are expected to be completed in 5 to 10 years.