Artist Focus: Mary Hill

Is Everyone Listening



Mary Hill was born in Texas, moving to Carmel in 1988. She is a travel agent with Carmel-Monterey Travel and has had the opportunity to travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world. She believes that she lives in the most beautiful of them all.




Come Sit With Me



Her photography is about the silence in details and quiet places, as well as the appreciation of the world around her.

Since 2001, she has had several solo exhibitions. Among them were exhibits at the Pacific Grove Art Center, the Carmel Mission and two a tthe Sea Ranch lodge on the Sonoma Coast.  Since 2011, 21 of her images have been selected for display in the facilities of the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula.







Her photography can be seen annually at the Monterey County Artists Studio Tour, the Bach Festival Art Raffle, and the Miniature Show at the Monterey Museum of Art.

The Light From Within

Until 2010 she used three cameras, a ten year old Canon SureShot, a Minolta older than that and a Canon rebel......non digital. In 2010, she finally went digital!


Her story continues into 2016, when 10 more of ther images went to the Community Hospital and four to the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, CA. And with encouraement, she has begun drawing again.