MCAOST Registration

Registration forms and fees must be postmarked by the following dates:

February 14, for a registration fee of $150

March 31, for a registration fee of $200

May 14, for a registration fee of $250

May 31, for a registration fee of $300

June 15, for a registration fee of $350


In order to increase participation in Salinas and South County, Arts Habitat is offering a 50% discount off the above listed registration fees to artists participating in Salinas, Salinas Valley and South County.


Discounted fees are available for Arts Habitat Members at these rates: 

$50 Art Lover Membership receives 10% off Tour fees

$100 Art Supporter Membership receives 20% off Tour fees

$250 Art Sponsor Membership receives 30% off Tour fees

$500 Art Benefactor Membership receives 50% of tour fees


Individual Registration Form (PDF)

Organization Registration Form (PDF)


Want to take part in the Tour? Check out the benefits to participants:

Benefits to Artist Participants (PDF)

Benefits to Organization Participants (PDF)

Benefits to Community Participants (PDF)